Eames: The Architect and The Painter

For anyone who is a fan of Midcentury Modern design or just design in general, this movie is a must see. I finally got the chance to watch it yesterday, and it was an incredible glimpse into the duo of Charles & Ray, the studio they ran and the many projects they worked on.

One important thing this film does, is point out how often Ray was overlooked while Charles was seen as the Eames design genius. But we learn that Ray played an incredible part in the work they did — from her understanding of color to the many notes/ideas she saved (many of which were written down on cigarette paper wrappers).

One of the things I found to be the most charming and adorable was a small clip in the Special Features about Ray’s driving. Apparently Charles would not ride with her because she was a terrible driver — always looking at shadows, the color of buildings, flowers, anything but focusing on the road. One of the design student interns that was interviewed throughout the film also mentioned that no one knew how old Ray was and rather than carry her license with her, she would carry a Xeroxed copy of it with the birthdate whited out. A true lady!

(A letter from Charles to Ray asking for her hand in marriage.)

Tuesday Inspiration: Housewife Series Photoshoot

I recently stumbled across this gorgeous photoshoot by JUCO, a collaborative duo based out of Los Angeles. I absolutely love the color palette and the vintage elements. There is a little bit of a Mad Men vibe, but many of the photos make me think of The Virgin Suicides, which has been streaming a lot lately on my Netflix queue.

Many more photos can be seen in the gallery. Which is your favorite?

Pin It Forward: What Home Means to Me

Today is my turn to share What Home Means to Me for Pin It Forward, a project hosted by the lovely Victoria of SfgirlbyBay and Pinterest.

Our topic, “What Home Means to Me” is one that I have been pondering for several months. My husband and I just moved into our home in March following 7 months of waiting on pins and needles after putting our offer in. Our home had been listed as a short sale (which there is nothing short about!), and there were two separate banks involved making the situation more complicated than usual. After many ups and downs and waiting so long for our dream home, it still feels surreal that it’s really ours.

For me, home means a space we design with our vintage furniture, art, and various items we’ve collected along the way (books, trinkets, records, etc). [pins via Wary Meyers, squirrelpearl, and I Adore Style.]

[pins via oh joy!, Three Red Apples, and Lawestie4us.]

A place to bake and cook delicious meals as well as entertain family and friends. [pins via Pink Parsley, squirrelpearl, and the sophisticated gourmet.]

Since I work from home, home also means a place to create and be inspired, as well as a place to rest and relax. [pins via dottie angel and You Are My Fave.]

[pins via apartment therapy and Wary Meyers.]

Living in the land of 10,000 lakes, home also means a place to be surrounded by nature, indoors and out. [pins via jmagnusphoto, MonsterFashion, and weheartit.]

Lastly and most importantly, home also means a place that’s just for us. [pins via Shanna Murray, John Vanderslice, and nancyashbrook.]

If you’d like to follow along, head on over to Smiles from Mel tomorrow where Melanie will be sharing what home means to her.